Above the Sky

by CraftLass

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A collection of new music inspired by friendship, family, space, science, and technology and the way they bring us together.


released April 3, 2010

Produced by CraftLass & Dave Entwistle
Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Dave Entwistle

Vocals & acoustic guitar by CraftLass
Percussion on tracks 1, 3, 4, & 6 by Dave Entwistle & CraftLass

Artwork by Jen Scheer



all rights reserved


CraftLass Hoboken

A renaissance man trapped in the body of a modern woman.

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Track Name: Connections
In the past I felt alone
Like no one understood me
Even as I have grown
There was no place I could be
The real me

Call me geek or call me freak
The worlds that I was part of
Made me feel I had to tweak
Who I was to get enough
or above

But, oh how lucky I am
To live in these times!
Where technology
Beats geography
And crosses all lines

Meeting you is like meeting an old friend
Only we’re meeting for the first time
We’ve shared passions and stories
And cheered each other’s glories
Long before we ever came eye to eye

My interests are so varied
And don’t connect easily
I constantly need to feed
Right brain and left to be

Finding just one person who
Can understand these passions
Someone who feels these needs too
Can’t give in to the fashion
Of specializations

Was once the dream
I never dared to dream
Finding a community
What opportunity!
To be part of a team


Just one subject may have brought us together
But it turns out our connections run even deeper
It may seem odd to care so about a bunch of “strangers”
But every single one of you is a keeper

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Trials by Tech
I give you love
And so much care
Most of my cash
Time I shouldn’t spare
And all I wish
For you to do
Is what you
Are supposed to

Is that insane?
Do I make sense?
Should everything
Be so intense?
Why can’t I just
Push a button
And have what
I need open

That would be too easy
That could actually make our lives simpler
Technology could be more than a source of pleasure
Finally be the tool we need

You only know
What humans code
Why does it seem
You have this mode
Like a toddler
Who wants his way
No one else
Has any say

An error code
Data unread
Are there issues
You haven’t had?
Do I spend more
Time working
Or fixing


Do you save me time
Or eat even more?
Can I live without this
Thing I adore?
I don’t think I know how to

The biggest joke:
The more I know
The more I strike
A deadly blow
Every time I
Do anything
It sets your
Wheels spinning

But there’s no mud
I keep you clean
Treat you like more
Than mere machine
Why can’t you give
Me your service
Instead of
Constant distress?

Track Name: Shades of Ignorance
How did we get to this place
Where Americans think knowledge is a waste?
Everyone complains about the state
Of education at this date
But then they try to put religion
And uninformed opinion
Into classrooms as if
It’s a reasonable alternative
To facts backed up by evidence

It’s one thing to be ignorant
Quite another to be in denial
And yet still another
To put actual facts on trial
In favor of mythology
With no methodology
To give your conclusions
The weight of accuracy

How did we get to this place
Where being well-informed is a disgrace?
Elections can often be won
By proving you would rather be dumb
Unwilling to change your stance
Give new stats a second glance
No one is capable
Of being infallible
Stubborn is not the same as strong


Isn’t it time to admit
We’ve come a long way since
Ancient times and ages dark
Superstition’s just a lark
We’ve worked so hard to learn so much
A shame to leave it all in the dust

How did we get to this place
Where science is so frequently displaced?
By fear-mongers out to make a buck
Who say we’re running out of luck
With pretty words to hide the fact
None of them can be backed
By anything but fiction
It’s like a mass addiction
More dangerous than any drug

Track Name: Bake Sale for NASA
We sent men to the moon because of some lines
In a speech that inspires to this day
We learn more about Earth from orbit
Than we can in any other way

Yet we spend and we spend and we spend and we spend
On corporate welfare that will never end
Programs that waste more than they create
Yet we’re happy to let NASA deflate

So let’s hold a bake sale for NASA
Show our love for a program that actually works
The cookies are sure to be out of this world
We could even have astros as clerks

Give folks a chance to learn first-hand
Why we need these adventures in space
How it affects them directly at home
And elevates the whole human race

A very large chunk of what sets us apart
Is our driving need to explore
Humans are best when we’re trying to test
Our limits and find we have more

The more that we learn the less that we know
So further on still we must go
To answer the questions that in the past
We didn’t even know to ask


To turn this whole endeavor over
To private investors and other lands
Would be giving up the greatest power
We have in our nation’s hands

Some skeptics say we should keep funds at bay
Until we have fed everyone
But we produce more food than ever before
Because of what NASA has done

Nearly every invention created for space
On Earth has found a useful place
Saving some lives and improving many more
Like we’ve never seen before


In these days where folks are always trying
To take real science out of schools
We need to step up our efforts
Or become a nation of fools

I could go on for days extolling the ways
Investment in NASA makes sense
But I have only this song to convince those who are wrong
And think it’s a wasteful expense

I will dare to say it’s our greatest success
Less than 1% is hardly excess
In a budget that keeps us all in debt
At least here we can see what we get

Track Name: Cousins Party
It seems that in most modern families
Everyone is just too busy
Some work too much, some move away
And even with all sorts of ways
To stay in touch it’s hard to find the time

The word family itself has come to mean
Just the nuclear part of what used to be
Whole communities of cousins
Love multiplied by dozens
Now we’re lucky to know one or two

Come July we’ll buck the trends
Gather together where the fun never ends
No pretenses needed with our family
At the Cousins Party

From all generations and places
Everyone embraces
Those people that we’ve missed so bad
Cousins we didn’t know we had
And new people in their lives

So much to do and even more to eat
Chances to bond and compete
Wiffle ball and horseshoes rule
Children’s laughter fills the pool
And memories flow like the wine

It may seem old-fashioned
To gather this way
Or maybe too Italian
Some may say
But bringing everyone back home
Reminds us that we are never alone

No one cares how you’re related
Just glad that you could make it
Without this party we could be
Just like other families
Weddings and funerals only

Blink and the day has flown by
So sad to have to say goodbye
But we can take comfort in
Knowing next year our kin
Will be right back here once again

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Above the Sky
Standing here upon the Earth
Just a speck on a tiny rock
Looking up with hope tonight
For a glimpse of two tiny dots

Speeding through the sky
They soar into view together
The grandest work man has ever done
Breaking from gravity’s tether

If only I could fly
Above the sky
See the Earth
From that heavenly perch

If only I could feel
That wondrous thrill
That never goes away
If only I could fly

I looked right into the eyes
Of one of the lucky few
There’s wisdom there beyond
What philosophers ever knew

He tried to explain in words
The wonders that those eyes beheld
But even a full-blown picture show can’t
Bring us knowledge life has withheld

I know my chances to go
Are miniscule at best
But that doesn’t mean my dreams
Will ever be at rest

The tremor of the engines
Roaring as they ready
To lift me up so high
Let’s just go already!

In my mind I feel the power
And anticipation growing
So easy to imagine even
Without ever actually knowing

Chorus Out:
If only I could fly
Above the sky
See the Earth
From that heavenly perch

If only I could feel
That wondrous thrill
That never goes away
If only I could fly
If only I could fly
Above the sky